Zaika Restaurant Quetta Menu and updated Prices 2023

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Zaika Restaurant Quetta Menu and updated Prices 2023

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For lip-smacking north Indian, Mughlai, and Chinese food! Zaika Restaurant is the favorite haunt of Delhiites who love their sizzlers and curries. Be it soups, appetizers, and curries in the north Indian section or a variety of rice, noodles, and salad in the Chinese section, there is something to suit everyone’s palate at the Zaika Restaurant.

Zaika Restaurant

The highlight of the Zaika Restaurant menu is the authentic Mughlai food on offer – there’s chicken, mutton, and even fish that you can choose from – each one more tastefully prepared than the last.

Zaika Restaurant Quetta Menu and Price List

Zaika Restaurant Soups

Menu Price
 Hot and Sour Soup (Half) ₨621.00
Hot and Sour Soup (Full) ₨909.00
Chicken Corn Soup (Half) ₨693.00
Chicken Corn Soup (Full) ₨1,080.00
Hot and Sour Red Soup (Half) ₨783.00
Hot and Sour Red Soup (Full) ₨1,026.00
 Zaika Special Soup (Half) ₨765.00
Zaika Special Soup (Full) ₨1,161.00
Chicken Mushroom Veg. Soup (Half) ₨603.00
Chicken Mushroom Veg. Soup (Full) ₨945.00
 Vegetable Soup (Half) ₨504.00
Vegetable Soup (Full) ₨828.00

Zaika Restaurant Burgers

Menu Price
 Zinger Burger ₨550.00
Chicken Cheese Burger ₨520.00
Chicken Burger ₨410.00
Beef Burger ₨480.00
Beef Cheese Burger ₨580.00

Zaika Sandwiches

Menu Price
Chicken Sandwich ₨430.00
Cold Sandwich ₨410.00

Zaika Chinese Menu

Menu Price
 Chicken Chow Mein ₨1,010.00
Black Pepper Chicken ₨1,090.00
 Chicken Shashlik ₨1,140.00
Chicken Manchurian ₨1,040.00
Lemon Chicken ₨1,010.00
Chicken Chili Dry ₨1,340.00
Chicken Garlic ₨1,110.00
Chicken Chili Vegetable ₨1,080.00
Chicken Chili Onion ₨1,040.00
Vegetable Chow Mein ₨920.00

Zaika Continental Menu

 Chicken Cheese Steak ₨1,570.00
Chicken Steak ₨1,490.00
Chicken Pepper Steak ₨1,440.00
Chicken Onion Steak ₨1,530.00

Zaika Chicken Rolls

Menu Price
Chicken Chatni Roll ₨310.00
Zaika Special Roll ₨410.00
Chicken Reshmi Cheese Roll ₨360.00
Chicken Mayo Garlic Roll ₨340.00
Chicken Mayo Roll ₨310.00
Chicken Reshmi Garlic Roll ₨320.00
Chicken Reshmi Mayo Roll ₨320.00
Chicken Ketchup Roll ₨310.00
Chicken Cheese Roll ₨350.00
Chicken Garlic Roll ₨310.00
Chicken Reshmi Chatni Roll ₨340.00

Zaika Restaurant Quetta Contact Information

Address: Main, near Exexutive Passport Office, Jinnah Town, Quetta, Balochistan.

Phone(081) 2863644

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