Ghalib Restaurant Menu & Prices

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Ghalib Restaurant Menu & Prices

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Are you looking for a good quality restaurant with a great ambiance? Then you must Check Ghalib Restaurant Menu in Karachi. It is a rooftop restaurant that is newly constructed. It is gradually becoming well-known for its incredible array of mouthwatering culinary creations. Also, an extraordinary view from the rooftop terrace comes as a bonus.

Ghalib Restaurant is a newly built restaurant and is famous for its extra ordinary ambiance and interior design. Besides its amazing decor Ghalib restaurant also offer a wide variety of scrumptious food.

Ghalib Restaurant menu

The Ghalib Restaurant menu offers a unique and diverse range of cuisine. Each dish is tasteful and crafted with love and cares for a delicious dining experience.

Ghalib Restaurant is the ideal spot for special occasions. They offer a beautiful atmosphere and delightful service. So, here is the full Ghalib Restaurant Karachi menu with a price list to know what they offer.

Ghalib Restaurant Menu with Price List

Ghalib Restaurant Menu: Starters

Menu Price List
Chicken Corn Soup Rs. 300
Hot & Sour Soup Rs. 300
Cream of Chicken Soup Rs. 300
Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup Rs. 300
Mulligatawny Soup Rs. 300
Seafood Chowder Soup Rs. 490
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Rs. 790
Fattoush Rs. 690
Hummus Rs. 450
Cheese Naan Rs. 390
Lahori Fish Rs. 790
Barbeque Wings Rs. 690
Spicy Grilled Wings Rs. 690
Dynamite Prawns Rs. 870
Prawn Tempura Rs. 1400
Vegetable Spring Rolls Rs. 690
Peri Bites Rs. 770
Cheesy Chicken Strips & Fries Rs. 880
Loaded Fries Rs. 790
Regular Fries Rs. 370
Fresh Green Salad Rs. 325
Raita Rs. 175


Menu Price List
Mix Chaat Rs. 295
Pani Puri Rs. 295
Meethi Puri Rs. 295
Bhel Puri Rs. 295
Sev Puri Rs. 295

Ghalib Restaurant Menu: Bar BQ

Menu Price List
Chicken Tikka Rs. 525
Fish Tikka Rs. 940
Chicken Malai Boti Rs. 850
Shish Taouk (Served with Saffron Rice & Fries) Rs. 950
Afghani Boti Rs. 990
Seekh Kabab (Beef) Rs. 950
BBQ Chicken Shashlik Rs. 950
Turkish Kabab (Chicken) (Served with Saffron Rice) Rs. 990
Beef Bihari Kabab Rs. 990
Chicken Bihari Kabab Rs. 850
Beef Chullu Kabab (Served with Rice) Rs. 990
Persian Khaas Kabab (Mutton) Rs. 1450
Reshmi Chicken Kabab Rs. 850
Makhmali Chicken Kabab Rs. 850
Fry Kabab (Beef) Rs. 890
Mutton Masala Chanp Rs. 1440
Mutton Ribs Rs. 2890
Mix Platter (Turkish Kabab, Persian Khaas Kabab, Chicken Malai Boti, Afghani Boti, and Mutton Masala Chanp Served on a Bed of Saffron Rice) Rs. 2900


Menu Price List
Chicken Peshawari Karahi (Half) Rs. 1390
Chicken Peshawari Karahi (Full) Rs. 2050
Chicken White Karahi (Half) Rs. 1390
Chicken White Karahi (Full) Rs. 2050
Mutton Peshawari Karahi (Half) Rs. 1850
Mutton Peshawari Karahi (Full) Rs. 2950
Mutton White Karahi (Half) Rs. 1850
Mutton White Karahi (Full) Rs. 2950
Ghalib Signature Mutton Karahi (Half) Rs. 1850
Ghalib Signature Mutton Karahi (Full) Rs. 2950

Ghalib Restaurant Menu: Handi

Menu Price List
Chicken Makhni Handi Rs. 1590
Chicken Paneer Reshmi Handi Rs. 1690
Chicken Hunzai Handi Rs. 1590

Chef’s Recommendation

Menu Price List
Tarka Daal Rs. 750
Palak Paneer Rs. 840
Mix Sabzi Masala Rs. 950
Balochi Sajji Rs. 990
Lahori Chargha Rs. 990
Chicken Tikka Masala Rs. 1490
Prawn Masala Rs. 1590
Brain Masala Rs. 1500

Flavors of the World

Menu Price List
Ghalib Club Sandwich Rs. 850
Turkey Club Sandwich Rs. 940
Triple Cheese Roast Beef Sandwich Rs. 890
Crispy Fried Chicken Burger Rs. 950
Chicken Burger with House Sauce Rs. 950
Ghalib Chicken Burger with Garlic Mayo Rs. 950
Chargrilled Beef Burger with Cheddar Mushrooms Rs. 950
Alfredo Pasta Rs. 940
Parmesan Shrimp Spaghetti Rs. 1050
Pasta in Special Signature Sauce Rs. 1050
Fish & Chips Rs. 1050
Tarragon Chicken Rs. 990
Moroccan Chicken Rs. 990
Parmesan Chicken Rs. 1090
Beef Stroganoff Served with Mashed Potatoes Rs. 1050

Ghalib Restaurant Menu: Steaks

Menu Price List
Chicken Steak with Creamy Tarragon / Pepper Sauce Rs. 1290
Beef Steak with Creamy Tarragon / Pepper Sauce Rs. 1690
Decked Beef Steak with Mushroom Sauce Rs. 1690
American Beef Steak Rs. 1690

Brick Oven Pizza

Menu Price List
Margherita Pizza Rs. 890
Chicken Fajita Pizza Rs. 1340
Pepperoni Pizza Rs. 1290
Chicken Tikka Pizza Rs. 1340
Spicy Sicilian Pizza Rs. 1290

Naan / Paratha / Chapati

Menu Price List
Plain Naan Rs. 55
Garlic Naan Rs. 100
Roghni Naan Rs. 100
Kandhari Naan Rs. 90
Cheese Naan Rs. 390
Lacha Paratha Rs. 100
Puri Paratha Rs. 100
Chapati Rs. 50
Whole Wheat Roti Rs. 50

Cold Beverages

Menu Price List
Soft Drinks Rs. 150
Mineral Water (Small) Rs. 120
Mineral Water (Large) Rs. 180
Mint Lemonade Rs. 330
Fresh Juice Rs. 390
Pina Colada Rs. 340
Ice Tea Rs. 330
Meethi Lassi Rs. 240
Namkeen Lassi Rs. 240
Sugarcane Juice Rs. 200
Guava Refresher Rs. 320
Red Lady (Seasonal) (Blend of Strawberry, Orange, and Kiwi) Rs. 340
Cuban Peach Cocktail Rs. 340
Mango Peach Paradise Rs. 340
Tropicana (Blend of Orange, Pineapple, and Blueberry) Rs. 340
Sparkling Peach Margarita Rs. 340
Peachy Lychee Rs. 340

Hot Beverages

Menu Price List
Kehwa Rs. 175
Doodh Patti Rs. 260
Kashmiri Chai Rs. 290
Elaichi Chai Rs. 190


Menu Price List
Ice Cream (Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate) Rs. 220
Kulfi Falooda Rs. 390
Rabri Rs. 390
Hot Gulab Jamun Rs. 275
Crispy Jalebi Rs. 390
Chocolate Fudge Brownie (Served with Ice Cream) Rs. 475
Chocolate Divine Cake Slice Rs. 425
Chocolate Divine Cake 2 Pounds Rs. 2500

Ghalib Restaurant Contact Details


Contact Number: 021-111-442-542

Facebook Page: @ghalib.pakistan

Instagram: ghalib.pakistan

Ghalib Restaurant Timings

Weekend Timings: 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM

Weekdays Timings: 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM

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