Xanders Karachi Menu & Xanders Price List Updated

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Xanders Karachi Menu & Xanders Price List Updated

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Xanders menu is a gourmet cafe which is a concept about serving fresh and light food to the customers in Pakistan. Xanders menu includes everyday meals which can be enjoyed with friends and family. They excel in making delicious Breakfast dishes, Sweets, Soups, Salads,Sandwiches, Burgers, Seafood, Beef and Chicken meals, Pastas, Pizzas and savory Desserts along with likable beverages.


Xanders restaurant was first established in Karachi where it became an instant hit and
sensation among the food lovers. From owners to staff, everyone is well behaved and friendly.

Xanders Karachi Menu & Price List

Features Items on the Xanders Menu

The Menu Price/Item
Babar Pasta Rs 1290.00
Pasta Alfredo Chicken Rs. 1160.00
Pasta Alfredo Turkey Rs. 1160.00
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Rs. 1180.00
The Caesar Rs. 980.00
The Xanders Club Rs. 1290.00
Pizza Margarita Rs. 545.00 – Rs. 1090.00

All Day Eggs

The Menu Price/Item
Classic Eggs Benedict with Salmon Rs. 960.00
Classic Eggs Benedict with Turkey Bacon Rs. 990.00
The Full Monty Rs. 960.00
Scandinavian Scrambled Eggs with Salmon Rs. 960.00
Classic Egg Benedict with Italian Pasto Rs. 990.00
Homemade Butter Croissant Rs. 400.00
Medi Croissant Sandwich Rs. 1020.00
French Pain Au Chocolat Rs. 430.00
Khageena Paratha Rs. 920.00
Croissant with Brie Scrambled Eggs Rs. 980.00
Pakistani Omelette Rs. 890.00
Portuguese Baked Eggs Rs. 960.00
Signature Mediterranean Omelette Rs. 990.00
Chicken Porcini Mushroom Omelette Rs. 1040.00
Cheddar Cheese Omelette Rs. 940.00
Smoked Salmon Omelette Rs. 990.00
The 4 Cheese Omelette Rs. 940.00
The Skinny Omelette Rs. 890.00
Scrambled Eggs with Sauteed Mushrooms Rs. 920.00

All Day Sweet Breakfast (Egg-less)

The Menu Price/Item
Blueberry Pancake Rs. 780.00
Blueberry Granola Bowl Rs. 920.00
Classic Homemade Granola Rs. 860.00
Nutella French Toast Rs. 760.00
Apple & Cinnamon French Toast Rs. 760.00
Creme Brulee French Toast Rs. 740.00
Frozen Smoothie Bowl Rs. 1060.00

Xanders Soups

The Menu Price/Item
Asian Chicken Soup Rs. 760.00
Mushroom Soup Rs. 630.00
Mushroom Broth Soup (Shrimps) Rs. 630.00
Mushroom Broth Soup (Chicken) Rs. 530.00
Clear Lemongrass Soup with Chicken and Vegetables Rs. 490.00
Cream of Chicken Soup Rs. 610.00
Roasted Tomato Soup with Corn and Basil Rs. 540.00

Xanders Appetizers

The Menu Price/Item
French Fired (250 g) Rs. 490.00
Chicken Stuffed Mushrooms Rs. 960.00
Chicken Quesadillas Rs. 960.00
Prawn Tempura Rs. 1060.00
Sambal Udang Prawns Rs. 980.00
Mexican Beef Tacos Rs. 960.00
Shrimp Tacos Rs.960.00
Chicken Chipotle Tacos Rs. 940.00
Almond Crusted Chicken Strips Rs. 1060.00
Chicken Wings Rs. 860.00
Chicken & Mushroom Crepe Rs. 1040.00
Loaded Sriracha Fries Rs. 1040.00
Crab Gratin Rs. 980.00
Glazed Seared Beef Rs.890.00
Signature Crispy Calamari Rs. 1040.00
Beef Tataki Rs. 790.00

The Salads

The Menu Price/Item
Pomegranate Salad Rs. 980.00
Chopped Kale Rs. 1080.00
Black Quinoa Salad Rs. 890.00
Crunchy Thai Quinoa Salad Rs. 980.00
Spicy Thai Salad Rs. 920.00
The Cobb Salad Rs. 960.00
The Citrus Rs. 960.00
The Arugula Rs. 940.00
The Bresaola Rs. 1090.00
The Quinoa and Cranberry Salad Rs. 980.00
The Caesar Rs. 980.00

Beef and Chicken Mains

The Menu Price/Item
Chargrilled Chateaubriand Steak Rs. 1690.00
Grilled Chicken with Roasted Chillis Rs. 1060.00
Grilled Chicken and Hummus Bowl Rs. 1080.00
Feta and Roasted Tomato Chicken Rs. 1120.00
Jalapeno Orange Chicken Rs. 1160.00
Moroccan Chicken Rs. 1160.00
Beef Undercut with Chimichurri Rs. 1760.00
Grilled Porcini Steak Rs.1790.00
Penang Chicken Curry Rs. 1190.00
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Rs. 1180.00

Burgers Menu

The Menu Price/Item
Trio of Mini Chicken Burgers Rs. 1040.00
Chicken Cheese Burger Rs. 1040.00
Crispy Fried Chicken Burger Rs. 1080.00
The X-Burger Rs. 1110.00
Old School Cheese Burger Rs. 1110.00
Smoked BBQ Burger Rs. 1180.00
The Jalapeno Burger Rs. 1180.00
Gouda Burger Rs. 1320.00
Trio of Mini Beef Burgers Rs.1110.00

Seafood Mains

Dish’s Name Price/Item
Fried Prawns Rs. 1080.00
Seafood Medley Rs. 1690.00
Sole with Pesto Rs. 1210.00
Teriyaki Glazed Salmon Rs. 2690.00
Grilled Herbed Red Snapper Rs. 1390.00
Fish & Chips Rs. 1190.00
Grilled Prawn with Crispy Garlic Rs. 1090.00
Chilli Lime Red Snapper Rs. 1490.00
Red Snapper with Sweet Potato Rs. 1390.00

Wood Fired Pizza

Dish’s Name Price/Item
Pizza Toscana Rs. 695.00 – Rs. 1390.00
Chicken & Basil Pizza with Feta Rs. 595.00 – Rs. 1190.00
Crispy Kale Chicken Pizza Rs. 1290.00
Chicken Porcini Truffle Oil Pizza Rs. 720.00 – Rs. 1440.00
Chicken Fajita Pizza Rs. 645.00 – Rs. 1290.00
Chilli Basil Pesto Rs.595.00 – Rs. 1190.00
Xander’s Goat’s Cheese & Fig Pizza Rs.595.00 – Rs. 1190.00
Feta & Spinach Rs. 570.00 – Rs.1140.00
Norweigan Rs. 890.00 – Rs. 1780.00
Bresaola & Truffle Oil Rs.940.00 – Rs.1880.00
Pepperoni Rs. 620.00 – Rs. 1240.00
Spicy Pepperoni Salami Rs. 640.00 – Rs. 1280.00
Chicken Jalapeno Rs. 620.00 – Rs. 1240.00
Pesto Rs. 545.00 – Rs. 1090.00
Pizza Margarita Rs. 545.00 – Rs. 1090.00


Dish’s Name Price/Item
Shaved Beef Sandwich Rs. 1180.00
Katsu Chicken Croissant Sandwich Rs. 980.00
Chicken Vol Au Vent Rs. 1080.00
Chicken Croissant Sandwich Rs. 1060.00
Hunter Beef Sandwich Rs. 1180.00
Tarragon Chicken Sandwich Rs. 1040.00
Spicy Wasabi and Honey Open-Face Sandwich Rs. 1040.00
Chicken Ciabbata Sandwich Rs. 1040.00
The Smoked Salmon Club Rs. 1690.00
Truffle Roast Beef Open-Face Sandwich Rs. 1260.00
Smoked Turkey Croissant Sandwich Rs.1090.00
Honey Mustard Chicken Open Face Sandwich Rs. 1060.00
The Xanders Club Rs. 1290.00
Open Face Chicken Caprese Sandwich Rs. 990.00
Signature Open-Face Roast Beef Sandwich Rs. 1240.00

Xanders Pasta

The Menu Price/Item
Beef Lasagna Rs. 1060.00
Linguine Chicken with Buffalo & Bellpepper Salsa Rs. 1060.00
Pasta Alfredo Chicken Rs. 1060.00
Chimichurri Spaghetti Prawn Rs. 890.00
Chimichurri Spaghetti Chicken Rs. 790.00
Tomato Linguine Pasta with Prawns Rs. 1240.00
Tomato Linguine Chicken Pasta Rs. 1040.00
Babar Pasta Rs. 1290.00
Two Cheese Ravioli Rs. 1020.00
Pasta Alfredo Turkey Rs. 1160.00
Prawn and Calamari Spaghetti Rs. 1190.00
Spaghetti Bolognese Rs. 1240.00
Penne and Cheese Rs. 1140.00
Linguine with Dill & Chicken Rs. 1090.00
Fettuccine with Shitake & Feta Rs. 990.00


The Menu Price/Item
Classic Creme Brulee Rs. 680.00
Xander’s Signature Chocolate Cake Rs. 760.00
100% Flour-less Chocolate Cake Rs. 740.00
Strawberry Cheesecake Rs. 780.00
Butterscotch Blondie Rs. 740.00
Raspberry Chocolate Brownie Rs. 790.00
Double Chocolate Brownie Rs. 790.00
Dark Chocolate Tart Rs. 760.00
Croissant and Butter Pudding Rs. 780.00

Gelato Tub

The Menu Price/Item
Home Made Gelato Rs. 430.00
Maple William Walnut Rs. 1300.00
Salted Santina Caramel Rs. 1300.00
Cara Caffee Crunch Rs. 1300.00
Cupido Chocolate Rs. 1300.00

Cold Beverages

Beverage’s Name Price/Item
Diet 7 Up Rs.160.00
Mirinda Rs.160.00
7 Up Rs.160.00
Diet Pepsi Rs.160.00
Pepsi Rs.160.00
Fresh Lime Rs. 260.00
Soda Water Rs. 480.00
Soda Lime Rs. 390.00
Ginger Ale Rs. 480.00
Mineral Water Rs. 150.00 – Rs. 190.00
Perrier Rs. 490.00

Cold Coffee and Shakes

Beverage’s Name Price/Item
Affogato Rs. 590.00
Iced Latte Rs. 510.00
Iced Americano Rs. 420.00

Hot Beverages

Beverage’s Name Price/Item
Cafe Latte Rs. 480.00 – Rs. 520.00
Teas Rs. 290.00
Doodh Patti Rs. 380.00
Espresso Rs. 300.00 – Rs. 350.00
Macchiato Rs. 360.00
Americano Rs. 380.00 – Rs. 410.00
Spanish Latte Rs. 510.00
Cappuccino Rs. 480.00 – Rs. 520.00
Cafe Mocha Rs. 480.00 – Rs. 520.00
Caramel Macchiato Rs. 540.00
100% Belgian Hot Chocolate Rs. 520.00

Juices and Cocktails

Beverage’s Name Price/Item
Cafe Latte Rs. 480.00 – Rs. 520.00
Teas Rs. 290.00
Doodh Patti Rs. 380.00
Espresso Rs. 300.00 – Rs. 350.00
Macchiato Rs. 360.00
Beverage’s Name Price per Item
Mango Juice Rs. 490.00
Apple Beetroot Juice Rs. 490.00
Apple Juice Rs. 490.00
Sparkling Iced Americano Rs. 440.00
Apple Carrot Juice Rs. 510.00
Grapefruit Rs. 490.00
AGC Juice Rs. 510.00
ABC Juice Rs. 510.00
Pomegranate Juice Rs. 520.00
Morrocan Mint Iced Tea Rs. 490.00
Peach Iced Tea Rs. 490.00
Lemon Grass Iced Tea Rs. 490.00
Lemon Iced Tea Rs. 490.00
Blueberry Iced Tea Rs. 490.00
Orange Rosemary Iced Tea Rs. 490.00
Carrot Basil Ginger Iced Tea Rs. 490.00
Seasonal Juices Rs. 490.00
Basil Ginger Iced Tea Rs. 490.00
Pina Colada Rs. 490.00
Red Berry Daiquiri Rs. 490.00
Lemonta Rs. 490.00
Blue Margarita Rs. 490.00
Watermelon Juice Rs. 460.00


The Menu Price/Item
Blueberry Smoothie Rs. 560.00
Peach Smoothie Rs. 560.00
Passion fruit Smoothie Rs. 560.00
Strawberry Smoothie Rs. 560.00
All Berries Smoothie Rs. 560.00


Beverage’s Name Price/Item
Oreo Mocha Frappe Rs. 560.00
Mocha Frappe Rs. 560.00
Hazelnut Frappe Rs. 560.00
Caramel Frappe Rs. 560.00

Gelato Shakes

The Menu Price/Item
Oreo Shake Rs. 660.00
Chocolate Shake Rs. 660.00
Vanilla Shake Rs. 660.00
Strawberry Shake Rs. 660.00

Xanders Extras

Extra Menu Price/Item
Extra Feta Cheese Rs. 210.00
Extra Fresh Fruit Rs. 130.00
Extra Hash Brown Rs. 130.00
Extra Maple Syrup Rs. 150.00
Full Portion Roast Beef Rs. 880.00
Full Beef Portion Chimi Rs. 1200.00
Extra Prawn Shrimp Rs. 280.00
Extra Omelette Rs. 290.00
Extra Granola Toppings Rs. 200.00
Extra Baked Beans Rs. 140.00
Extra Yogurt Rs. 170.00
Extra Baked Potato Rs.190.00
Extra Pita Bread Rs. 130.00
Extra Hummus Rs. 360.00
Extra Nutella Rs. 210.00
Extra Sauce Rs. 160.00
Extra Chicken Patty Rs. 390.00
Extra Bresaola Rs. 690.00
Extra Pepperoni Rs. 260.00
Extra Vegetables Rs. 160.00
Extra Avocado Rs. 310.00
Extra Peppercorn Salami Rs. 310.00
Extra Beef Patty Rs. 690.00
Extra Truffle Oil Rs. 410.00
Extra Beef Rs.390.00
Extra Turkey Bacon Rs. 290.00
Extra Paratha Rs.150.00
Extra Jalapenos Rs.190.00
Extra Olive Rs.220.00
Extra Calamari Rs. 280.00
Extra Salmon Rs. 490.00
Extra Prawns Rs.450.00
Extra Mashed Potatoes Rs.190.00
Extra Fries Rs.190.00
Extra Garlic Bread Rs. 140.00
Extra Cheese Rs. 220.00
Extra Chicken Rs. 310.00
Extra Rice Rs. 170.00
Extra Egg Rs. 90.00
Extra Sausage Rs. 200.00
Extra Mushroom Rs. 260.00

Xanders Karachi Contact Details

Website: www.xanders.pk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/xanderscafe

UAN Number: 021-111-9263377

Email: contact@xanders.pk

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00 AM – 10:30 PM

Xanders Tipu Sultan Rd Karachi Branch

Block 7 & 8, Main Tipu Sultan Road, Opp. Habitt, Karachi .

Xanders Clifton Karachi Branch

C 32, E Street, Phase 5, Karachi .

Xanders Khayaban-e-Shujaat Karachi Branch

48-C, Bukhari Commercial, Lane 13, Main Khayaban-e-Shujaat, D.H.A Phase 6, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

FAQs about Xandres Karachi

Do we have to book a reservation before coming to the restaurant?

No, you will be served on a first-come, first-served condition.

Are all the Restaurant Items available on Food Panda?

Yes, all items listed on Xander’s official website are available on Food Panda.

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