Toosso Restaurant Karachi Menu and Prices 2023

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Toosso Restaurant Karachi Menu and Prices 2023

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Toosso Restaurant has been in the food industry for 46 years and has expanded its business at a substantial speed because of delivering quality food. With Tooso menu of burgers, curries, sandwiches, BBQ, steaks, rice specialties as well as seafood, it provides an exclusive list of offers to choose from.

Toosso Restaurant

Special desserts such as falooda or several variations of ice cream & shakes e.g. coffee ice cream leave no other choice to any second restaurant. Besides this, Tooso restaurant offers with its daily deals a great opportunity to share food with your loved ones.

Toosso Restaurant Karachi Menu with Prices

Below down is the full menu of Tooso Restaurant with a price list.

Toosso Restaurant Soups

Item Price
Chicken Corn Soup Rs. 250
Chicken Hot & Sour Soup Rs. 250

Toosso Restaurant Starters

Item Price
Plain Fries Rs. 192
Mayo Fries Rs. 200
Buffalo Wings Rs. 280
Garlic Bread Rs. 200
Masala Fries Rs. 192
Coleslaw Rs. 160
Plain Salad Rs. 160

Toosso Restaurant Curries Boneless

Item Price
Chicken Boneless Karahi Rs. 680
Fish Boneless Karahi Rs. 680
Boneless Achar Chicken Rs. 680

Toosso Restaurant Club Sandwiches

Item Price
Classic Tooso Club Sandwich Rs. 376
Roasted Club Chicken Sandwich Rs. 440
Bran Club Sandwich Rs. 440
Tandoori Chicken Club Sandwich Rs. 440
Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich Rs. 440
Grilled Chicken Cheese Sandwich Rs. 448
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich Rs. 472
Roasted Club Beef Sandwich Rs. 440
Grilled Chicken Jalapeno Sandwich Rs. 440
Veggie Sandwich Rs. 328


Item Price
Makhni Handi Rs. 760
Chicken Handi Rs. 760
Kabab Handi Rs. 760
Green Masala Handi Rs. 760

Toosso Restaurant Rice Special

Item Price
Chicken Shashlik Rs. 496
BBQ Shashlik Rs. 504
Beef Chilli Rs. 496
Chicken Chilli Rs. 496

Special Burgers

Item Price
Roasted Chicken Burger Rs. 440
Tooso Special Grilled Chicken Burger Rs. 440
Fish Fillet Burger Rs. 440
Roasted Beef Burger Rs. 440
Grilled Jalapeno Burger Rs. 440
Tandoori Burger Rs. 440
Sweet Chilli Burger Rs. 440

Toosso Restaurant Classic Burgers

Item Price
Classic Chicken Burger Rs. 344
Crispy Chicken Burger Rs. 384
Classic Beef Burger Rs. 344
Veggie Burger Rs. 344
Philly Cheese Steak Burger Rs. 448
Spicy Mexican Chicken Burger Rs. 440
Chicken Hot Dog Burger Rs. 344

Toosso Restaurant Bar BQ

Item Price
Bihari Chicken Tikka Rs. 288
Chargha From Rs. 560

Bar BQ Boti

Item Price
Boneless Chicken Tikka Boti Rs. 488
Malai Chicken Boti Rs. 488
Beef Bihari Boti Rs. 488
Boneless Fish Tikka Boti Rs. 488


Item Price
Pepper Steak Rs. 720
Chicken Steak Rs. 720


Item Price
Chicken Seekh Kabab Rs. 432
Beef Seekh Kabab Rs. 432
Gola Kabab Rs. 432

Toosso Restaurant Seafood

Item Price
Finger Fish Rs. 640
Fried Fish Rs. 640
Lahori Masala Finger Fish Rs. 640
Green Fish Rs. 640
Crispy Finger Fish Rs. 640


Item Price
BBQ Platter Rs. 2,200
Continental Platter Rs. 2,080
Sandwich Platter Rs. 1,160
Seafood Platter Rs. 2,200


Item Price
Chicken Fajita Wrap Rs. 440
Beef Fajita Wrap Rs. 440


Item Price
Pasta Alfredo Rs. 520
Spicy Pasta Rs. 520

Toosso Restaurant Rolls

Item Price
Chicken Chutney Roll Rs. 144
Garlic Mayo Roll Rs. 152
Crispy Chicken Roll Rs. 152
Beef Bihari Roll Rs. 152
Crispy Fish Roll Rs. 152


Item Price
Tandoori Roti Rs. 50
Garlic Naan Rs. 90
Special Naan Rs. 60
Chicken Qeema Naan Rs. 150
Kandhari Naan Rs. 80

Tooso’s Favorites

Item Price
Chicken Spicy Honey Stick Rs. 400
Crispy Boneless Fried Chicken Rs. 424
Fried Chicken Rs. 376
Chicken Ala Kiev Rs. 584


Item Price
Special Falooda Rs. 280
Plain Falooda Rs. 232

Ice Cream

Item Price
Mango Ice Cream From Rs. 120
Pista Ice Cream From Rs. 120
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream From Rs. 120
Coffee Ice Cream From Rs. 120
Vanilla Ice Cream From Rs. 120
Pineapple Ice Cream From Rs. 120
Strawberry Ice Cream From Rs. 120
Kulfa Ice Cream From Rs. 120
Tutti Frutti Ice Cream From Rs. 120

Kids Favorites

Item Price
Nuggets Rs. 470
Chicken Hot Shots Rs. 470

Ice Cream Shakes

Item Price
Mango Ice Cream Shake Rs. 280
Strawberry Ice Cream Shake Rs. 280
Kulfa Ice Cream Shake Rs. 280
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Shake Rs. 280
Pineapple Ice Cream Shake Rs. 280
Pista Ice Cream Shake Rs. 280
Coffee Ice Cream Shake Rs. 280
Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Shake Rs. 280
Vanilla Ice Cream Shake Rs. 280


Item Price
Lassi Rs. 160
Doodh Patti Tea Rs. 100
Cold Coffee Rs. 350
Pepsi Rs. 80
Electric Lemonade Rs. 190
Hot Espresso Coffee Rs. 210
Green Tea Rs. 140
7 Up Rs. 80
Fresh Lime Rs. 120
Mirinda Rs. 80
Mineral Water Rs. 60
Tea with Tea Bag Rs. 120

Toosso Restaurant Karachi Contact


25, Commercial Area, Alamgir Rd, near AllahWali Chorangi, Bahadur Yar Jang CHS, Karachi.

Phone: 0311 1186676

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