Sohny Sweets & Bakers Karachi Price List Updated

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Sohny Sweets & Bakers Karachi Price List Updated

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Sohny Sweets and Bakers is a popular chain of sweet shops in Karachi, Pakistan. It is one of the most popular sweet shops in the city. The shop is known for its wide variety of sweets, including gulab jamun, barfi, laddoo, and rasgulla. It also has a bakery section that sells cakes, pastries, and other baked goods.

Sohny Sweets & Bakers

Sohny Sweets and Bakers is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. It is often crowded, especially during weekends and holidays. The shop is open from 8am to 12am, seven days a week.

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Sohny Sweets & Bakers Menu with Price List

Sohny Sweets Breakfast And Breads

Product Name Price Range
Long Rusk Rs. 160
Round Rusk Rs. 160
Bran Bread from Rs. 150
Sweet Bread from Rs. 160
Plain Bread from Rs. 160
Bread Crumbs Rs. 170
Bread Sticks Rs. 170
Burger Bun Rs. 150
Fruit Bun Rs. 85
Mini Burger Bun Rs. 150
Plain Sheermal Rs. 120
Sheermal Sweet Bun Rs. 120
Sugar Free Tea Rusk Rs. 150

Sohny Sweets Bakery Items

Product Name Price (in Rs.)
Chocolate Biscuits 360
Jelly Biscuits 360
Coconut Biscuits 410
Mixed Biscuits 360
Sugar Free Biscuits 410
Coconut Macaroon Biscuits 410
Almond Nankhatai 450
Sugar Free Cake Rusk 410
Bakarkhani 360
Chocolate Marble Biscuits 360
French Hearts Bakhar Khani 410
Special Mixed Biscuits 410
Cake Rusk Box 320
Almond Butter Cookies 360
Chickpea Cookies 360
Chocolate Check Cookies 306
Chocolate Cookies 360
Cake Rusk 360
Pista Check Cookies 360
Nankhatai Plain 410
Strawberry Jam Cookies 306
Sugar Free Cake Rusk Box 300
Tea Time Cookies 306

Sohny Sweets Fast Food

Item Price (Rs.)
Chicken Plain Sandwich 130
Chicken Roll 70
Qeema Samosa 60
Namak Paray Pkt 200
Aloo Samosa 60
Beef Patties 85
Chicken Cheese Spring Roll 160
Chicken Mini Croissant 80
Chicken Shashlik Stick 160
Chicken Patties 85
Vegetable Patties 70
Pizza Large 520
Pizza Slice 180
Chocolate Donut 240
Jalebi from 230
Cheese Sandwich 150

Sohny Sweets & Bakers Nimko

Item Price
Bareek Sev Rs. 300
Black Chanay Bottle Rs. 300
Daal Chana Rs. 300
Daal Moong Rs. 300
Daal Moth Rs. 300
Daal Sev Rs. 300
Gaathia Rs. 300
Nimko Gift Bag Rs. 1,620
Mix Nimko Rs. 300
Salty Chewra Rs. 300
Salty Peanuts Rs. 380
Special Papri Rs. 200
Spicy Peanuts Rs. 380
Sweet Chewra Rs. 300

Sohny Sweets Breakfast Cakes

Item Price (Rs.)
Cupcake Box 280
Fruit Cake Small 310
Fruit Cake Large 620
Plain Cake Small 300
Plain Cake Large 600
Delicious Cake from 900
Black Forest Iced Cake from 850
Cadbury Cake 1,850
Caramel Fudge Cake from 850
Chocolate Belgian Malt Cake 2,120
Chocolate Chips Cake from 850
Chocolate Fudge Iced Cake from 850
Ferrero Classic Choco Iced Cake 2,400
Ferrero Rocher Iced Cake 3,000
German Fudge Iced Cake 2,000
Milky Malt Iced Cake 2,120
Oreo Forest Cake from 850
Pineapple Iced Cake from 800
Chocolate Fudge Cake from 850
Coffee Crunch Cake from 800
Black Forest Cake from 850

Sohny Sweets Canned Items

Item Container Price Range
Akhrot Halwa Can from Rs. 1,070
Badam Halwa Can from Rs. 1,070
Gulab Jamun Can Rs. 1,600
Habshi Halwa Can from Rs. 830
Kaju Halwa Can from Rs. 1,070
Karachi Halwa Can from Rs. 830
Pista Halwa Can from Rs. 1,070
Sohan Halwa Can from Rs. 1,070
Chum Chum Can Rs. 1,600
Kaju Halwa Tin Box from Rs. 1,070
Pista Halwa Tin Box from Rs. 1,070
Badam Halwa Tin Box from Rs. 1,070
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Fresh Sweets /Pack

Item Price Range
Mixed Sweets from Rs. 450
Angutha Pera from Rs. 450
Balushahi from Rs. 450
Bengali Cham Cham from Rs. 450
Barfi from Rs. 450
Besan Laddu from Rs. 450
Black Jamun from Rs. 450
Cham Cham from Rs. 450
Coconut Habshi from Rs. 450
Gond Roll from Rs. 450
Green Kalakand from Rs. 450
Gulab Jamun from Rs. 450
Imerti from Rs. 450
Kaiser Pak from Rs. 450
Kalakand from Rs. 450
Kheer Moon from Rs. 450
Laddu Motichoor from Rs. 450
Lauki Halwa from Rs. 450
Pan Pera from Rs. 450
Special Pera from Rs. 450
Besan Patisa from Rs. 450
Sohny Kalakand from Rs. 450
Lachha Patisa from Rs. 450
Pineapple Kalakand from Rs. 450
Rainbow Kalakand from Rs. 450
Fancy Patisa from Rs. 450

Special Sweets And HalwaJaat

Sweets Price (Rs.)
Panjiree 590
Pista Pak 590
Pista Pera 590
Pista Roll 590
Special Mixed Sweets 590
Special Panjiree 650
Baklava Roll 625
Badam Barfi 450
Kaju Barfi 1,050
Kaju Pak 590
Karachi Halwa 450
Special Kalakand 450
Sohan Halwa 590
Injeer Halwa 650
Habshi Halwa 450
Akhrot Halwa 590
Badam Pak Halwa 590
Khajoor Halwa 715
Manpasand Kalakand 1,170
Manpasand Kalakand 590
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Sohny Sweets & Bakers Contact Details

Badar Commercial Street 10, Phase V Badar Commercial Area Defence V Defence Housing Authority, Karachi

Phone: (021) 35849415

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