Sizzler Restaurant Menu and Prices 2023

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Sizzler Restaurant Menu and Prices 2023

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Hi foodies are you searching best food near you? You have arrived at best place. Here you can find Sizzler Restaurant Menu and updated Prices. Sizzler Restaurant Menu offer a wide variety of menu items such as burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

Sizzler Restaurant Menu

Sizzler Restaurant Menu and Prices

Sizzler Restaurant Exclusive Discounted Deals

Sizzler Restaurant
Deal Menu Price
Deal-I 1 Crispo Zinger Burger, 1 Cold Drink Can Rs. 399
Deal-II 1 Shawarma, 1 Cold Drink Can Rs. 299
Deal-III 1 Crispo Roll, 1 Cold Drink Can Rs. 410
Deal-IV Masala Rice 250gm, 1 Cold Drink Can Rs. 499
Deal-V 1 Rashmi Kabab Roll, 1 Cold Drink Can Rs. 460
Deal-VI 1 Chicken Patty Burger, 1 Cold drink can Rs. 340
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Sizzler Restaurant Family Offer

Offer Menu Price
Offer 1 4 Crispo Zinger, 1 Crispo Zinger Free, 1 Reg Fries (Save Rs. 310) Rs. 1,470
Offer 3 4 Shawarma, 1 Shawarma Free, 1 Reg Fries (Save Rs. 190) Rs. 990
Offer 4 4 Crispo Roll, 1 Crispo Roll Free, 1 Reg Fries (Save Rs. 320) Rs. 1,510

Chinese Corner

Menu Price
Sizzler Special Soup Rs. 610
Hot & Sour Soup Rs. 510
Chicken Corn Soup Rs. 510
Thai Soup Rs. 510
Sizzler Special Rice Rs. 430
Chicken Fried Rice Rs. 419
Egg Fried Rice Rs. 410
Chicken Masala Rice Rs. 420
Chicken Garlic Chili Rice Rs. 399
Crispy Rice Rs. 399
Chicken Manchurian Rs. 1,050
Dhaka Chicken Rs. 820
Sweet & Sour Chicken Rs. 1,050
Chicken Cherry Pineapple Rs. 1,150
Kung Pao Chicken Rs. 1,150
Chicken Shashlik with Rice Rs. 1,150
Cashewnut Chicken Rs. 1,150
Mangolin Chicken Rs. 1,150
Chicken Chilli Black Pepper Rs. 1,150

Sizzler Restaurant Burgers

Menu Price
Crispo Zinger Burger Rs. 310
Chicken Patty Burger Rs. 250
French Fries Rs. 230


Menu Price
Chicken Paratha Shawarma Rs. 190
Crispo Roll Rs. 320
Indian Tikka Boti Roll Rs. 370
Shish Taouk Roll Rs. 370
Reshmi Kabab Roll Rs. 370
Chicken Honey Wings Rs. 720
Drum Sticks Rs. 940
Chicken Fried Wings Rs. 610

Single Khana Deals

Menu Price
BBQ Deals Rs. 630
Quorma Deal Rs. 699
Daal Khana Rs. 540
Chicken Qourma Rs. 399
Daal Rs. 230
Shahi Daal Rs. 460

Chicken Handi

Menu Price
Chicken Handi Rs. 1,110
Chicken Achari Handi Rs. 1,110
Special Madrasi Handi Rs. 1,140
Murgh Makhni Handi Rs. 1,180
Sizzler Special Handi Rs. 1,249
Chicken Ginger Handi Rs. 1,199
Chicken Jalfrezi Handi Rs. 1,199

Chicken Karahi

Menu Price
Black Pepper Chicken Karahi Rs. 990
Chicken Madrasi Karahi Rs. 990
Chicken White Karahi Rs. 990
Chicken Chinioti Karahi Rs. 989
Chicken Achari Karahi Rs. 990
Sizzler Special Karahi Rs. 1,050
Chicken Rajasthani Karahi Rs. 989
Chicken Green Chilli with Lemon Rs. 989
Chicken Shanwari Karahi Rs. 990

Mutton Koyla Karahi

Menu Price
Mutton Shanwari Karahi Rs. 1,769
Mutton Karachi Black Pepper Rs. 1,769
Mutton Green Chili Lemon Rs. 1,770
Mutton Achari Karahi Rs. 1,769

Bar BQ

Menu Price
Chicken Tikka Leg Piece Rs. 299
Chicken Tikka Breast Piece Rs. 330
Chicken Malai Tikka with Cheese Rs. 430
Chicken Tikka Boti Rs. 380
Chicken Malai Boti Rs. 498
Chicken Kastoori Boti Rs. 499
Chicken Shish Taouk Boti Rs. 499
Indian Tikka Rs. 499
Chicken Kalmi Tikka Rs. 470

Chow Mein

Menu Price
Sizzler Special Chicken Chowmein Rs. 590
Chicken Chow Mein Rs. 540
Chicken Chopsuey Rs. 540
American Chopsuey Rs. 540

Salad & Raita

Menu Price
Green Salad Rs. 110
Kachumber Salad Rs. 160
Zeera Raita Rs. 99
Mint Raita Rs. 99
Russian Salad Rs. 380
Pineapple Salad Rs. 380
Chicken Pineapple Salad Rs. 430


Menu Price
Soft Drink Can Rs. 110
1 Liter Cold Drink Rs. 150
1.5 Liter Cold Drink Rs. 190
2.5 Liter Cold Drink Rs. 250
Mineral Water Large Rs. 110
Diet Soft Can Rs. 110
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Sizzler Restaurant Contact Information

Address: Abbasia Town Main Road, Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab

Phone: 0305 3334888

FAQs about Sizzler Restaurant

What company owns Sizzler?

Collins Foods Limited is a publicly-listed Australian company focused in restaurant operations

What kind of food is Sizzler?

A sizzler is essentially a single dish meal, in which meats and vegetables are cooked in a sauce on a hot metal plate.

How to order online for Sizzler Restaurant?

You can order Sizzler Restaurant menu online via Food panda .

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