Ridan House of Mandi Menu and Price List 2023

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Ridan House of Mandi Menu and Price List 2023

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Are you looking for the Ridan House of Mandi menu? If so, then you have come to the right place. Ridan Mandi House offers a distinctive dining experience emphasizing first-rate services in a cozy, welcoming Arabian setting with delicious food. Top-notch chicken and mutton are served with rice. Most of their menu consists of Mandi, Madfoon, and Madbee; you can order them with mutton, chicken, or seafood.

Ridan House of Mandi
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Ridan House of Mandi Menu and Price List

Ridan House of Mandi ‘Habibi Deals’ Menu

Items  Prices 
Deal One 1 hungry Habibi Platter, 1 Chicken chow meintwo 2 types of sauces PKR 1350.00
Deal 2 1 Turkish pideone 1 club cheese sandwich & 1 chicken zinger mayo roll PKR 1350.00
Deal 3 1 chicken chow mein, 1 BBQ cheese Sandwich & 1 Zinger Cheese Burger PKR 1350.00
Deal 4 1 Chicken Madbee (Qtr), 1 Filli Steak Burger, 1 Chatni Roll / Kabab Roll & 3 Types of sauces. PKR 1350.00

Ridan House of Mandi’ Starters’ Menu

Items  Prices 
Yakhnee soup PKR 250.00
French Fries PKR 350.00
Hummus served with pita bread PKR 450.00
Prawn Tempura PKR 990.00
Cheese Garlic Bread PKR 800.00
Chicken Lollipops PKR 1,200.00
Falafel Platter PKR 660.00

Ridan House of Mandi ‘Chicken’ Menu

Items Prices
Chicken madbee (single serving) PKR 1,400.00
Chicken madbee (double serving) PKR 2,800.00
Chicken madbee (full serving) PKR 5,500.00
Chicken mandi (single serving) PKR 1,300.00
Chicken mandi (double serving) PKR 2,600.00
Chicken mandi (full serving) PKR 5,100.00
Chicken madfoon (single serving) PKR 1,300.00
Chicken madfoon (double serving) PKR 2,600.00
Chicken madfoon (full serving) PKR 5,100.00
Chicken Madhghoot (single serving) PKR 1,400.00
Chicken Madhghoot (double serving) PKR 2,800.00
Chicken Madhghoot (full serving) PKR 5,500.00

Ridan House of Mandi’ Mutton’ Menu

Items Prices
Mutton Mandi (single serving) PKR 2,200.00
Mutton Mandi (double serving) PKR 4,400.00
Mutton Mandi (full serving) PKR 8,700.00
Mutton Madfoon (single serving) PKR 2,200.00
Mutton Madfoon (double serving) PKR 4,400.00
Mutton Madfoon (full serving) PKR 8,700.00
Mutton Madhghoot (single serving) PKR 2,300.00
Mutton Madhghoot (double serving) PKR 4,600.00
Mutton Madhghoot (full serving) PKR 9,100.00
Whole mutton (pieces) PKR 27,000.00
Full Mutton (Salim) Pre-order only PKR 27,000.00
Mutton Chappli kabab PKR 1,650.00

Ridan House of Mandi’ Sea Food’ Menu

Items Prices
Hamour Fish Madbee PKR 2,250.00
Fish Madbee (single serving) PKR 1,450.00
Fish Madbee (double serving) PKR 2,900.00
Fish Madbee (full serving) PKR 5,700.00
Grilled Prawn Mandi PKR 2,200.00

Ridan House of Mandi ‘Salad’ Menu

Items Prices
Fattoush Salad PKR 500.00
Chopped Salad with Yogurt PKR 400.00
Fresh Salad PKR 250.00

Ridan House of Mandi’ Desserts’ Menu

Items Prices
Kunefe PKR 850.00
Basboosa PKR 300.00
Cream Caramel PKR 400.00

Ridan House of Mandi’ Chef’s special’ Menu

Items Prices 
Grilled Faham Chicken PKR 1,900.00
Lebanese Cheese Boti PKR 2,200.00

The House of Mandi’ Smoothies’ Menu

Items  Prices 
Kiwi Desire PKR 450.00
Blueberry Island PKR 450.00
Strawberry Heaven PKR 450.00

The House of Mandi ‘Shakes’ Menu

Items  Prices 
Oreo Shake PKR 450.00
Strawberry Shake PKR 450.00
Swiss Chocolate PKR 450.00

The House of Mandi’ Boosters’ Menu

Items  Prices 
Pina Colada PKR 450.00
Guava Blend PKR 450.00
Ginger Mojito PKR 450.00
Cold Coffee PKR 450.00
Blue Colada PKR 450.00

House of Mandi ‘Glaciers’ Menu

Items  Prices 
Green Apple PKR 450.00
Pine Apple PKR 450.00
Tropical PKR 450.00
Peach PKR 450.00

House of Mandi ‘Extras’ Menu

Items  Prices 
Sauce PKR 150.00 / 700.00
Extra Rice (Single Serving) PKR 300.00
Nuts & Egg Topping PKR 400.00
Fresh Yogurt (Per Bowl) PKR 200.00
Pita Bread PKR 30.00
Kulcha Naan PKR 70.00
Cream (per Serving) PKR 100.00

Sunday Breakfast Special (only at KBW Branch)

Items Prices
2 Persons Serving PKR 1750.00
3-4 Persons Sering PKR 2600.00

Ridan House of Mandi Branches in Karachi

  • TARIQ ROAD – Khalid Bin Waleed، Road، Block 3 PECHS, Karachi
  • GULISTAN-E-JOHAR – Aroush Blessing, University Road, Block 1/A, Opposite Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center Karachi.
  • CLIFTON – 26th Street, Tauheed Commercial Karachi.

Ridan House of Mandi Hyderabad Branch

  • AutoBahn Rd, Latifabad Unit 8 Latifabad, Hyderabad, Sindh.

House of Mandi Contact


Karachi Branches: 0331 4020845

Hyderabad Branch: 0309 3093389

Email: info@ridanhouseofmandi.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there takeaway options at Ridan House of Mandi?

Yes, Ridan House of Mandi does offer takeaway.

 Can I order Ridan House of Mandi on Food Panda?

Food Panda carries every item on the official Ridan House of Mandi website.

Is the Ridan House of Mandi food produced in a hygienic environment?

The food is prepared in a clean environment at Ridan House of Mandi. Customers value delicious food and welcoming service. No customers have expressed any complaints. Additionally, they appreciate the menu’s decor, flavors, options, and variety. Overall, it received 4.7 out of 5 stars.

When are the meals served at Ridan House of Mandi?

Ridan House of Mandi is open daily from noon to midnight. The busiest times, however, never change. So, to avoid crowds and noise, go during off-peak hours. Following are their business hours:
Saturday: 12 pm to 12 am
Sunday: 7 am to 12 am
Monday: 12 pm to 12 am
Tuesday: 12 pm to 12 am
Wednesday: 12 pm to 12 am
Thursday: 12 pm to 12 am
Friday: 12 pm to 12 am

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