Koel Cafe Karachi Menu and Price List 2023

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Koel Cafe Karachi Menu and Price List 2023

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Koel Cafe Karachi is one of the most romantic Cafés in Karachi. If you are interested to visit Koel Cafe then, you need to check the complete Menu with prices here. In case, if you are looking for the best place to celebrate your or your loved ones’ birthday then there is no best place than Koel Cafe.

Koel Cafe
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Koel Cafe Menu and Price List

Ramadan Deals

Deals Menu Price
Deal 1 Rs. 1,100
Deal 2 Rs. 1,100
Deal 3 Rs. 1,100
Deal 4 Rs. 1,300
Deal 5 Rs. 1,300
Deal 6 Rs. 1,300


Salad Menu Price
Seasonal Salad Rs. 750
Koel’s Courtyard Special Salad Rs. 800
Caesar Salad Rs. 800
Tangy Green Salad with Chicken Rs. 800
Char-grilled Beetroot & Feta Cheese Salad Rs. 750
Seasonal Fruit Salad Rs. 690


Appetizer Menu Price
Dahi Bhallay Rs. 450
French Fries Rs. 350
Paneer Tikka Rs. 850
Small Bite Platter Rs. 1,850
Bruschetta Rs. 750
Mozzarella Sticks Rs. 900
Artichoke Dip Rs. 975
Soup Of Day Rs. 450
Hummus Rs. 650

Koel Cafe Pizzas

Pizza Menu Price
Margarita Crispy Crust Pizza Rs. 900
Pepperoni Crispy Crust Pizza Rs. 1,200
Grill Chicken With Pesto Sauce Pizza Rs. 1,000
Chicken Fajita Crispy Crust Pizza Rs. 1,000
Rocket Sun Dried Tomato And Feta Cheese Pizza Rs. 975

Koel Cafe Mains

Mains Menu Price
Moroccan Chicken Rs. 1,000
Grill Chicken With Taragon Sauce Rs. 1,000
Almond Crusted Chicken Rs. 1,150
Grill Chicken With Mushroom Sauce Rs. 1,000
Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce Rs. 1,000
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Rs. 1,150
Chicken And Prawns With Fiery Jalapeno Salsa Rs. 1,150
Risotto With Grilled Chicken · Rs. 1,100

Club Sandwich

Sandwich Menu Price
Blackened Chicken Rs. 1,050
Paneer And Tomato Rs. 1,050
Grilled Chicken Rs. 1,050
Koel Cafe’s Classic Chicken Club Sandwich Rs. 1,050
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Seafood Menu & Price

Seafood Menu Price
Sauteed Fish Lemon And Herbs Rs. 1,550
Grilled Calamari Rs. 850
Red Snapper Rs. 1,550
Wasabi Prawns Rs. 1,200
Sizzling Seafood Platter Rs. 1,200
Fried Calamari Rs. 850
Grilled Atlantic Red Snapper Rs. 1,550
Chili Prawn Rs. 1,100
Pamesan Crusted Fish Rs. 1,550
Prawn Tempura Rs. 1,100

Pasta Menu & Price

Pasta Menu Price
Alfredo With Blackened Chicken Rs. 1,000
Deconstructed Beef Lasagna Rs. 1,000
Marinara Vegetable Pasta Rs. 1,000
Deconstructed Chicken Lasagna Rs. 900
Pesto Pasta Rs. 1,100
Spaghetti Bolognese Rs. 950


Dessert Menu Price
Banoffee Pie Rs. 700
Creme Brule Rs. 750
Koel Baked Chocolate Pudding Rs. 700

Hot & Cold Beverages

Menu Price
Shikanjabeen Rs. 450
Koel Fire & Ice Rs. 450
Cappuccino Rs. 395
Hot Chocolate Rs. 350
Cucumber Cooler Rs. 450
Tamarind Sherbet Rs. 450
Cardamom Tea Rs. 250

Koel Cafe Karachi Contact and Address

Address: F 42/2, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi.

Phone: (021) 35309745


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