Espresso Restaurant Menu and Prices 2023

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Espresso Restaurant Menu and Prices 2023

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Espresso restaurant is a family-owned chain of coffee shops to enjoy a tantalizing all-day menu of classic café food and tasty espresso beverages. The Espresso menu starts out with the most important meal of the day – breakfast. Enjoy treats like omelets, pancakes, and French toast. The breakfast burrito will surely be a great start to your day and is fantastic enjoyed with a classic cappuccino.

Espresso Restaurant

One of Espresso’s specialties is their delicious desserts, like the Swiss chocolate brownie, served with ice cream, it is perfect with one of the restaurant’s delicious espresso-based coffees.

Espresso Restaurant Menu with Latest Prices

Espresso Restaurant All Day Breakfast

Menu Price
Omelette From Rs. 895
Power Breakfast Rs. 1395
Pancakes Rs. 595
French Toast Rs. 595
Breakfast Sandwich Combo Rs. 750

Espresso Restaurant Soups & Salads

Menu Price
Cream of Tomato Soup Rs. 395
Cream of Mushroom Soup Rs. 395
Caesar Salad Rs. 675

Espresso Restaurant Starters

Menu Price
Espresso Fries Rs. 425
Mexican Fries Rs. 895
Potato Skins Rs. 525
Mozzarella Sticks Rs. 825
Hot Chicken Wings Rs. 645
Starter Platter Rs. 1,795
Chilli Pepper Bites Rs. 595
Chicken Strips Rs. 795

Espresso Restaurant Sandwich & Wraps

Menu Price
Crispy Wrap Rs. 625
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Rs. 715
Roast Beef Sandwich Rs. 875
Espresso Club Sandwich Rs. 925
Smoked Turkey Club Sandwich Rs. 1,095
Chicken Fajita Wrap Rs. 615
Hot Shot Chicken Wrap Rs. 625
Flying Saucer Sandwich Rs. 675
Grilled Chicken Ciabatta Rs. 735

Espresso Restaurant Mains

Menu Price
Lasagna Beef Rs. 895
Chicken Fajita Sizzler Rs. 995
Chicken Mushroom Steak Rs. 895
Herb Grilled Chicken Steak Rs. 875
Crumb-Fried Fish Rs. 1,075
Fish and Chips Rs. 925
Pasta Alfredo Rs. 715
Lasagna Chicken Rs. 895
Smoked Chicken Quesadilla Rs. 775

Espresso Restaurant Burgers

Menu Price
Classic Burger Rs. 775
Jalapeno Burger Rs. 825
Mushroom Sauce Burger Rs. 825

Espresso Restaurant Pizzas

pizza Regular Large
Pepperoni Pizza Rs. 975 Rs. 1255
Mexican Pizza Rs. 975 Rs. 1175
Smoked Chicken Pizza Rs. 925 Rs. 1055
Espresso Hot Pizza Rs. 975 Rs. 1295
Margherita Pizza Rs. 875 Rs. 1055
Buffalo Pizza Rs. 975 Rs. 1175

Espresso Restaurant Coffees

Menu Price
Frozen Cappuccino Rs. 495
Iced Mocha Rs. 375
Frappe Rs. 435
Espresso Cold Coffee Rs. 515
Peanut Butter And Coffee Shake Rs. 585
Macchiato Rs. 225
Espresso Rs. 195
Flat White From Rs. 345
Caffe Latte From Rs. 355
Cinnamon Spiced Latte From Rs. 375
Cappuccino From Rs. 355
Americano From Rs. 315
Cafe Mocha From Rs. 375
Iced Latte Rs. 375


Menu Price
Pina Colada Rs. 395
Tall Red Rs. 395
Mint Lemonade Rs. 310
Electric Blue Lemonade Rs. 425
Fresh Lime Rs. 175
Hot Chocolate Rs. 425
Tea Rs. 175
Green Tea Rs. 175
Espresso Ice Slush Rs. 395
Espresso Smoothie Rs. 495
Iced Tea Rs. 345
Espresso Shakes Rs. 575
Bottled Water Rs. 90
Soft Drink Rs. 110
Seasonal Fresh Juice Rs. 415
Choco Java Break Shake Rs. 425
Caramel Super Shake Rs. 695
Nutella Shake Rs. 515


Menu Price
Chocolate Mousse Cake Rs. 535
Apple Crumble Rs. 695
Scoop of Ice Cream Rs. 195
Chocolate Chip Cookie Rs. 110
Rainbow Cake Rs. 545
Espresso Cheesecake Slice Rs. 425
Swiss Chocolate Brownie Rs. 535

Espresso Restaurant Contact Information

Address: 26C/2, 6th Zam Zama Commercial Lane Phase V DHA Karachi

Contact: 021- 35820291

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