Daily Dubai Restaurant Menu and Prices 2023

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Daily Dubai Restaurant Menu and Prices 2023

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Searching for Best food in Karachi?, Than Daily Dubai Restaurant prepares wonderfully imagined meals and sides of pasta, Chinese and Middle-Eastern flavors. Popular meals from Daily Dubai Restaurant can always be customized and topped off with exactly the right complementary starters and sides.

Daily Dubai Restaurant

Daily Dubai Restaurant menu is popular for its devotion to classic items such as juicy mutton Qeema, tarragon chicken steak, Nihari, and perfectly cooked Biryani.

Daily Dubai Restaurant Menu with Prices

Here You Check out the Daily Dubai restaurant Karachi menu with updated prices.

Daily Dubai Restaurant Starters

Menu Price
Chicken Corn Soup Rs. 260
Finger Fish Rs. 700
French Fries Rs. 250
Hot & Sour Soup Rs. 260
Hummus Rs. 370
Green Salad Rs. 150
Raita Rs. 150
Nuggets Rs. 300
Russian Salad Rs. 490

Daily Dubai Restaurant Breakfast Menu

Menu Price
Mutton Paye Rs. 790
Chana Tarkari Rs. 160
Mutton Hari Mirch Qeema Rs. 880
Suji Halwa Rs. 160
Nihari Rs. 530
Aloo Tarkari Rs. 160
Puri Rs. 20
Brain Masala Rs. 880
Tawa Paratha Rs. 90
Aloo Paratha Rs. 190
Naan Rs. 30
Doodh Patti Chai Rs. 140
Desi Omelette Rs. 300
Sheermal Rs. 80
Cheese Omelette Rs. 350
Chicken & Cheese Paratha Rs. 400
Pan Cakes with Chocolate Syrup Rs. 350
Nutella Paratha Rs. 260
Apple Juice Rs. 260
Lassi Rs. 220
Cheese & Mushroom Omelette Rs. 400
Gajar ka Achar Rs. 60
Pan Cakes with Honey Syrup Rs. 350
French Toast Rs. 350
Scrambled Cheese Egg Rs. 350
Fried Eggs Rs. 180
Jam Rs. 60
Breads Rs. 20
Luprak Butter Rs. 60
Cold Coffee Rs. 350
Fettucine Cheese Pasta Rs. 700
Scrambled Egg Rs. 300
Scrambled Cheese Mushroom Egg Rs. 400
ABC Juice Rs. 260
Carrot Juice Rs. 260

Khow Suey

Menu Price
Chicken Khow Suey Rs. 530

Daily Dubai Restaurant Bar BQ Special

Menu Price
Chicken Tikka Rs. 280
Seekh Kabab Rs. 610
Chicken Malai Boti Rs. 610
Bihari Kabab Rs. 660
Butter Fry Kabab Rs. 750
Chicken Reshmi Kabab Rs. 610
Mutton Chops Rs. 920
Chicken Bihari Rs. 660
Mixed Grilled Rs. 1,150
Mutton Ribs Rs. 3,000
Daily Special Platter Rs. 3,000
Mixed Grilled Kabab Rs. 790
Mutton Kabab Rs. 750
Gola Kabab Rs. 610
Chicken Cheese Kabab Rs. 760
Boneri Mutton Kabab Rs. 760
Chicken Boneless Rs. 610

Chelo Specials

Menu Price
Mutton Chelo Kabab From Rs. 920
Chicken Chelo Kabab From Rs. 750
Chelo Kabab From Rs. 750
Chelo Platter From Rs. 2,700
Chelo Makhsoosi From Rs. 950
Chelo Sultani From Rs. 920
Chelo Boti From Rs. 920
Chelo Mai From Rs. 920

Karahi & Handi

Menu Price
Chicken Makhni Handi Rs. 790
Chicken Biryani Rs. 320
Chicken Karahi From Rs. 850
Daal Rs. 265
Mutton Karahi From Rs. 1,400
Chicken Paneer Reshmi Handi Rs. 1,030
Mutton Paye Rs. 790
Chicken Masala Rs. 630
Brain Masala Rs. 880
Palak Paneer Rs. 610
Steamed Rice Rs. 230
Chicken Ginger Rs. 700
Chicken Palak Rs. 750
Mutton Qeema Hari Mirch Rs. 880
White Afghani Karahi From Rs. 950
Sabzi Rs. 480
Brown Mutton Karahi From Rs. 1,400
Green Mutton Masala Rs. 1,400
Tikka Masala Handi Rs. 970
Green Chicken Masala Rs. 750
White Mutton Karahi Rs. 1,450


Menu Price
Plain Nihari Rs. 530
Nalli Nihari Rs. 750
Special Nihari Rs. 970
Maghaz Nihari Rs. 750
Nalli Maghaz Nihari Rs. 950
Fried Nihari Rs. 600


Menu Price
Chicken Chili Dry Rs. 700
Chicken Shashlik Gravy Rs. 700
Chicken Chow Mein Rs. 610
Vegetable Fried Rice Rs. 350
Chicken Chili Gravy Rs. 700
Chicken Fried Rice Rs. 480
Cherry Chili Chicken Rs. 700
Vegetable Chow Mein Rs. 530
Chicken Manchurian Rs. 700

Seafood Special

Menu Price
Fish Tikka Rs. 790
Fish Kabab Rs. 600

Middle Eastern Bar BQ

Menu Price
Afghani Boti Rs. 750
Afghani Kabab Rs. 570
Sheesh Taouk Rs. 750
Chicken Shashlik Rs. 750
Kastoori Malai Boti Rs. 750


Menu Price
Beef Mushroom Steak Rs. 1,050
Chicken Mushroom Steak Rs. 970
Tarragon Chicken Steak Rs. 970
Tarragon Beef Steak Rs. 1,050


Menu Price
Chicken Alfredo Pasta Rs. 750
Fettuccine Cheese Pasta Rs. 700

Tandoori Menu

Menu Price
Naan Rs. 30
Garlic Naan Rs. 60
Chapati Rs. 20
Paratha Rs. 70
Kulcha Rs. 50
Sheermal Rs. 80

Sweet Dishes

Menu Price
Caramel Pudding Rs. 240
Zafrani Kheer Rs. 140
Suji Halwa Rs. 160
Kulfi Rs. 150

Ice Cream

Menu Price
Vanilla Ice Cream Rs. 260
Strawberry Ice Cream Rs. 260
Chocolate Ice Cream Rs. 260
Pista Ice Cream Rs. 260


Menu Price
Soft Drink Rs. 95
Lassi From Rs. 200
Fresh Lime Rs. 170
Doodh Patti Rs. 140
Mineral Water From Rs. 120
Fresh Juice Rs. 300

Daily Dubai Restaurant Karachi Contact Information

Address: 57-C Badar Commercial Street 10, Phase V Badar Commercial Area Defence V Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

Phone: (021) 35244017



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