China Town Menu and Prices 2023

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China Town Menu and Prices 2023

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Hello China Town Menu Lovers, Are You looking for the latest China Town menu and Prices? Yo have arrived at right place.Here we have a complete China Town Menu with updated price list.

China Town
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China Town Menu with Prices

Check out the updated menu of China Town restaurant with price details.


Menu Price
Prawn Crackers Rs. 390
Chicken Drumsticks From Rs. 590
Finger Fish Rs. 950
Sesame Fried Chicken Rs. 890
Dynamite Shrimp From Rs. 1,050
Butterfly Prawns From Rs. 1,350
Dumplings Rs. 750
Finger Chicken Rs. 890


Menu Price
Hot & Sour Soup Rs. 949
Special Soup Rs. 1,069
Chicken Corn Soup Rs. 949
China Towns Szechuan Soup Rs. 1,069
Thai Soup Rs. 949
Chicken Vegetable Soup Rs. 949


Menu Price
Spicy Oyster Beef Sauce Rs. 1,150
Sesame Fried Beef with Green Chilies Rs. 1,150
Mongolian Beef Rs. 1,150
Hendry Beef Rs. 1,150


Menu Price
Chicken Manchurian Rs. 950
Chicken with Cashew Nuts Rs. 1,050
Chicken Garlic Sauce Rs. 950
Szechuan Chicken Rs. 1,050
Chicken Chili Dry Rs. 1,050
Chicken Black Pepper Rs. 990
Sweet & Sour Chicken Rs. 950
Wok Fried Chicken Rs. 790
Chicken Manchurian Glazed Rs. 1,050
Chicken with Almonds with Vegetables Rs. 950
Yem Yem Chy Chicken Rs. 950
Chicken Honey Rs. 990
Hot & Spicy Basil Chicken Rs. 1,090

China Town Specialties

Menu Price
Special Jumbo Prawns Rs. 1,590
Kung Pao Chicken Rs. 1,090
Beef Chili Dry Rs. 1,190
Chicken Chili Oyster Sauce Rs. 1,090
Street Treat Sesame Chicken Rs. 1,090
Special Mongolian Chicken Rs. 1,090
Juha Fish Rs. 1,290
Home Made Szechuan Chicken Rs. 1,090


Menu Price
Chili Prawns Rs. 1,390
Kung Pao Prawns Rs. 1,650
Sweet & Sour Prawns Rs. 1,650
Prawns in Garlic Sauce Rs. 1,650
Szechuan Prawns Rs. 1,650

Fish & Squid

Menu Price
Fish Manchurian Glazed Rs. 890
Spicy Pepper Fish Rs. 1,150
Kung Pao Fish Rs. 1,090
Crispy Szechuan Sweet & Sour Fish Rs. 1,090
Steamed Fish Fillet Rs. 1,150

Bean Curd & Vegetables

Menu Price
Four Precious Vegetables Rs. 690


Menu Price
Egg Fried Rice Rs. 690
Chicken Fried Rice Rs. 690
Vegetable Fried Rice Rs. 590
Special Fried Rice Rs. 790
Garlic Fried Rice Rs. 690

Chow Mein & Chop Suey

Menu Price
Chicken Chow Mein Rs. 750
Vegetable Chow Mein Rs. 690
Special Chicken Chow Mein Rs. 950
Chicken Chop Suey Rs. 650
American Chop Suey Rs. 950


Menu Price
Fresh Lime Rs. 130
Mineral Water From Rs. 60
Tea Rs. 210
Black Coffee Rs. 399
Jasmine Tea Rs. 210
Diet Fresh Lime Rs. 130
Cappuccino Rs. 249
Pina Colada Rs. 290
Mint Margarita Rs. 290

The China Town Restaurant Contact Information

Address: Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Road Gulberg 3, Lahore

Phone: +92-42-35750057 – 9

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