Chaye Qawali Lahore Menu, Price, Number, Location

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Chaye Qawali Lahore Menu, Price, Number, Location

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Chaye Qawali Cafe is a popular restaurant in Lahore that offers a unique dining experience. The cafe combines the traditional Pakistani custom of drinking tea with the live performance of qawali, a form of Sufi devotional music. The result is a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere where guests can enjoy delicious food and uplifting music.

Chaye Qawali Lahore

The menu at Chaye Qawali Cafe features a wide variety of dishes, including both traditional Pakistani food and Western fare. Some of the popular dishes include the beef burger, the chicken tikka masala, and the chai karak. The cafe also has a wide selection of drinks, including tea, coffee, and smoothies.

The live qawali performances at Chaye Qawali Cafe are a major draw for many guests. The performances are held every evening and feature a variety of qawali singers. The singers perform traditional qawalis as well as more modern songs. The qawalis are accompanied by a tabla player and a harmonium player.

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Chaye Qawali Lahore Menu & Price List


Menu Item Price (Rs.)
Doodh Patti 239
Karak Chai 239
Chaye Qawali Special Chaye 289
Elaichi Chaye 249
Saunf Chaye 249
Ginger Chai 249
Daar cheeni Chai 249
Chocolate Chai 269
Coffee Chai 269
Pistachio Chai 269
Almond Chai 269
Malai Mar Ke Chai 269
Gurwali Chai 239
Lemon Grass 249
Peshawari Kahwa 249
Sulemani Kahwa 249

Chaye Qawali Appetizers

Menu Item Price (Rs.)
French Fries 379
Masala Fries 399
Jalapeno Fries 599
Chicken Strips 499
Buffalo Wings 649
Honey Chili Wings 649
Tempura Nuggets 499
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks 649
Tempura Chicken 599
Loaded Fries 649
Cheese Fries 599

Soups & Salads

Menu Item Price
Pineapple Salad Rs. 499
Chicken Caesar Salad Rs. 499
Cream Of Chicken Soup Rs. 399
Cream Of Mushroom Soup Rs. 399
Apple Cabbage Salad Rs. 399
Creamy Fruit Salad Rs. 499

Chicken And Beef Steak

Menu Item Price
Moroccan Chicken Steak Rs. 1,099
Jalapeno Chicken Steak Rs. 1,099
Mexican Chicken Steak Rs. 1,099
Black Pepper Chicken Steak Rs. 1,099
Pineapple Chicken Steak Rs. 1,149
Tarragon Chicken Steak Rs. 1,099
Sizzler Chicken Steak Rs. 1,349
Mushroom Chicken Steak Rs. 1,099

Chaye Qawali Pizza

Menu Item Price (starting from Rs.)
Chicken Tikka Pizza 699
Cheese Pizza 549
Chicken Tikka 599
Malai Boti Pizza 599
CQ Special Crown Pizza 1,199
Fajita Chicken 699
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Chaye Qawali Chicken Burgers

Menu Item Price (Rs.)
Grilled Burger 699
Stuffed Jalapeno Burger 799
Crispy Burger 649
Bar B Q Chicken Burger 749
Chicken Cheese Burger 749

Beef Burgers

Menu Item Price
American Cheese Burger Rs. 699
Beef Mushroom Burger Rs. 799
Double American Cheese Burger Rs. 799
CQ Classic Burger Rs. 849
Bar BQ Beef Burger Rs. 799
Jalapeno Beef Burger Rs. 799
Chicken Alakive Rs. 1,199
Polo Chicken Rs. 1,199
Chicken With Pineapple Sauce Rs. 1,299
Mexican Roulade Rs. 1,199
Olive Chicken Rs. 1,299
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Chaye Qawali Sandwiches

Menu Item Price (Rs.)
Club Sandwich 649
Panini Sandwich 699
CQ Special Sandwich 799
Cheesy Cuban Sandwich 749
Crispy Chicken Sandwich 749


Menu Item Price (Rs.)
Grilled Chicken Filled Wrap 599
Dynamite Chicken Wrap 649
Chipotle Wrap 64
Garlic Mayo Wrap 649


Menu Item Price (Rs.)
Molten Lava Cake With Ice Cream 749
CQ Special Brownie With Ice Cream 599
Gulab Jamun 249
Strawberry Ice Cream 349
Mango Ice Cream 349
Caramel Ice Cream 349
Chocolate Ice Cream 349
Vanilla Ice Cream 349

Ice cream Shacks

Menu Price (Rs.)
Oreo Shake 649
Kit Kat Shake 649
Snicker Shake 649
Strawberry Ice Cream Shake 599
Mango Ice Cream Shake 599
Bounty Ice Cream Shake 649
Caramel Ice Cream Shake 599
Chocolate Ice Cream Shake 599
Vanilla Ice Cream Shake 599
Toblerone Ice Cream Shake 649

Special Drinks

Menu Item Price (Rs.)
CQ Bar Special 349
Monster Chocolate Shake 749
Peanut Butter Shake 749
Butter Scotch Shake 749
Lotus Biscoff Shake 749
M & M Shake 799
Nutella Shake 799


Menu Item Price
Pina Colada Mocktail Rs. 599
Mint Margarita Mocktail Rs. 399
Blueberry Fantasy Rs. 649
Mocha Mint Mojito Mocktail Rs. 449
CQ Lemonade Rs. 299
Guava Mint Mocktail Rs. 449
Mint Lemonade Rs. 349
Strawberry Margarita Rs. 449
Ginger Mint Rs. 449

Ice Tea

Menu Item Price (Rs.)
Lemon Ice Tea 399
Mint Ice Tea 399
Peach Ice Tea 399
Peach Lagoon 499


Menu Item Price (Rs.)
Cold Coffee With Ice Cream 549
Apple Cold Coffee 579
Mocha Frappe 579
Mocha Mint Frappe 599

Chaye Qawali Lahore Contact Number & Location

Address: 13 Khayaban-e-Firdousi, Block D1 Block D 1 D-1 Johar Town, Lahore.

Instagram Facebook Phone: 0333 4953959


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