Cafe Flo Karachi Menu & Prices 2023

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Cafe Flo Karachi Menu & Prices 2023

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Want to taste French Cuisine in Karachi ?. Visit Cafe Flo which is one from the most romantic Cafes in Karachi. If you are interested to visit Cafe Flo then, you need to check the complete Menu with prices here. In case, if you are looking for the best place to celebrate your or your loved ones’ birthday then there is no best place than Cafe Flo.

Cafe Flo
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Cafe Flo Karachi Menu & Price List


Menu Item Price
Salmon & Tuna Seaweed Tacos Rs. 1,480
Fried Calamari & Prawns Rs. 1,490
Chicken & Mushroom Crepe Rs. 1,420
Burgundy Snails Rs. 1,990
Spicy Chicken Moorish Skewers Rs. 1,290

Smoked Salmon

Menu Price
Smoked salmon Rs. 2,600
Beef Carpaccio Rs. 1,170
Charcoal Grilled Calamari Rs. 1,690
Prawn Tempura Rs. 1,990
Beef Tataki Rs. 1,280

Truffle Fries

Menu Item Price (Rs.)
Truffle fries 750
Tuna Carpaccio 1,890


Menu Price
French Onion Soup Rs. 860
Oven Roasted Fresh Mushroom Soup Rs. 890
Chicken Broth with Mushroom & Lemongrass Soup Rs. 740
Classic Tomato & Basil Soup Rs. 790
Chicken Cream Soup Rs. 790

Seafood & Shellfish

Menu Price
Red Snapper with Thai Red Chilies Rs. 2,980
Charcoal Baby Snapper Rs. 2,890
Miso Blackcod Rs. 6,890
Seabass Rs. 5,140
Wasabi & Ginger Prawns Rs. 2,990
Red Snapper with Shrimps & Calamari Rs. 2,990
King Scallops Rs. 5,880
Salmon Rs. 4,790


Menu Item Price
Flo’s Cracked Pepper Steak Rs. 2,980
Chateaubriand with Rosemary Noisette Rs. 2,680
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Rs. 2,580
Herb Butter Chicken Rs. 2,780
Angus Ribeye Rs. 10,080
Grilled Lamb Chops Rs. 7,840

Bar B.Q Undercut

Menu Item Price
BBQ Undercut Rs. 2,790
Chateaubriand with Morels Rs. 3,890
Charcoal Grilled Moroccan Chicken Rs. 2,590
Chicken Tarragon Rs. 2,690
Tenderloin Rs. 8,980
Wagyu M-6 Rs. 14,140
Lamb Shank Rs. 2,980


Menu Item Price
Flo’s Classic Penne Rs. 1,890
Spaghetti Aux Crevettes Rs. 2,780
Beef Lasagna Rs. 2,360
Spaghetti Bolognese Rs. 2,100
Homemade Double Ravioli Rs. 1,990
Homemade Spinach & Mushrooms Ravioli Rs. 1,980


Menu Item Price
Arugula & Roquefort Salad Rs. 1,020
Mediterranean Salad Rs. 980
Prawn Cocktail Salad Rs. 920
Di Bufala Salad Rs. 1,480
Cafe Flo House Salad Rs. 980
Caesar Salad from Rs. 990
Jumbo Prawn Salad Rs. 2,380
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Menu Item Price
Profiteroles Rs. 920
Tiramisu with Cognac Rs. 920
Sinful Pudding Rs. 940
Pavlova Meringue Rs. 940
Chocolate Mousse Rs. 920
Lime Sorbet Rs. 590
Apple Tart Rs. 930
Chocolate Crepe Rs. 980
Tiramisu Rs. 840
Chocolate Orange Cake Rs. 780
Apple Crumble Rs. 860
Cafe Flo Chocolate Mousse Rs. 990
Chocolate Fondant Rs. 990
Lemon Meringue Tart Rs. 820
Cream Brule Rs. 810
Cheesecake Rs. 940


Menu Item Price
Iced Tea Rs. 360
Mint Lagoon Rs. 390
Coffee Milkshake Rs. 520
Peach Iced Tea Rs. 360
Pina Colada Rs. 440
Chocolate Milkshake Rs. 520

Tea & Coffee

Menu Item Price
Lipton Tea Rs. 190
Americano from Rs. 380
Double Espresso from Rs. 380
Latte from Rs. 390
Macchiato from Rs. 280
Green Tea Rs. 190
Single Espresso from Rs. 280
Cappuccino from Rs. 390
Cafe Mocha from Rs. 410


Menu Item Price
Pepsi Can – 250 ml. Rs. 180
Mirinda Can – 250 ml Rs. 180
Tonic Rs. 580
Fresh Lime Diet 7up Rs. 250
Fresh Lime Soda Rs. 680
Diet Pepsi Can – 250 ml Rs. 180
Ginger Ale Rs. 500
Fresh Lime Perrier Rs. 850
7up Can – 250 ml Rs. 180
Soda Rs. 580
Fresh Lime 7up Rs. 250
Diet 7up Can – 300 ml Rs. 180
Aquafina Water – 500 ml Rs. 130
Aquafina Water – 1.5 Litre Rs. 180
Perrier 250 ml Rs. 75
Perrier Water – 750 ml Rs. 1,200

Cafe Flo Karachi Contact and Address Information

Address: D82, 126th Street, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi.

Phone: (021) 35830018

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