Angeethi Restaurant Karachi Menu and Price List 2023

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Angeethi Restaurant Karachi Menu and Price List 2023

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Angeethi is a well-known restaurant in Karachi, Pakistan that offers a unique dining experience with its traditional decor and delicious Pakistani cuisine. The restaurant’s interior is inspired by the traditional “dhabas” or roadside eateries in Pakistan, complete with wooden tables, benches, and dim lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere.


The menu features a wide variety of dishes ranging from BBQ and karahi to biryani and seafood, all cooked to perfection and served with fresh naan. The restaurant is particularly famous for its karahi and BBQ items, which are always prepared using high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes. Overall, Angeethi is a must-visit restaurant for anyone looking to experience authentic Pakistani cuisine in a traditional and welcoming setting.

Angeethi Restaurant Karachi Menu and Price List


Deal Price
Deal 1 Rs 399
Deal 2 Rs 1499
Deal 3 Rs 499
Deal 4 Rs 1199
Deal 5 Rs 4499
Deal 6 Rs 1499

Angeethi Specials

Menu Item Price (in Rs)
Chicken Drumsticks 1145
Katakat 1295
Katakat With Brain 1495
Chicken Kabab Handi from 1445
Beef Kabab Handi from 1445
Chicken Makhni Handi from 1495
Paneer Reshmi Handi from 1545
Chicken Karahi from 1345
Chicken Boneless Karahi from 1345
Chicken Achar Karahi Boneless from 1345
Chicken Peshawari Boneless Karahi from 1445
White Chicken Karahi from 1445
Chicken Peshawari Karahi from 1445
Chicken Quetta Karahi from 1445
Chicken Quetta Karahi Boneless from 1445
Mutton Karahi from 2195
White Mutton Karahi from 2195
Mutton Peshawari Karahi from 2195
Mutton Quetta Karahi from 2195
Mutton Qeema Karahi from 1795
Ultimate BBQ Platter 6396
Chicken Bihari 845
Chicken Tandoori Kabab 995
Beef Seekh Kabab 895
Shangrilla Boti 995
Beef Bihari 1045
Afghani Boti Beef 1145
Mutton Kabab 1145
Mutton Chops from 1595
BBQ Platter 3395
Malai Boti 995
Chicken Reshmi Kabab 895
Chicken Tikka 425

Angeethi Chefs Special

Menu Item Price
Special Daal Rs 545
Daal Chawal Rs 495
The Big Biryani Rs 1769
Mix Sabzi Rs 495
Palak Paneer Rs 895
BBQ Shashlik Rs 895
BBQ Handi Biryani Rs 975
Brain Masala Rs 1595

Angeethi Starters

Menu Item Price (Rs)
Jalapeno Fries 425
BBQ Loaded Fries 645
Plain Fries 325
Masala Fries 345
Garlic Fries 375
Cheese Naan 545
Qeema Naan 545
Tikka Naan 645
Hummus 545
Fish & Chips 1095
Chicken Strips 845


Menu Item Price (Rs)
Crispy Chicken Roll 240
Chicken Bihari Roll 220
Chicken Reshmi Kabab Roll 220
Malai Boti Roll 240
Beef Behari Roll 260
Beef kabab wrapped in paratha 240
Beef Seekh Kabab Roll 240

Tandoori Menu

Menu Item Price (Rs)
Plain Naan 55
Lal Atta Roti 75
Roghni Naan 100
Garlic Naan 100
Paratha 100

Angeethi Ad-Ons

Menu Item Price
Chopped Salad Rs 295
Raita Rs 295
Salad Rs 295
Roll Chutney Rs 295

Location and Contact Angeethi Restaurant Karachi

  • Shop No 1 & 2 Plot 6-C Main, Shahbaz Commercial Area Phase 6 DHA Karachi.
  • Roshan Tower, Shop no 6 & 7, Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi.

Phone: (021) 38899996

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