Ala Rahi Restaurant Karachi Menu and Prices 2023

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Ala Rahi Restaurant Karachi Menu and Prices 2023

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Ala Rahi Restaurant is a popular dining destination located in the bustling city of Karachi, Pakistan. The restaurant offers a wide variety of Pakistani and international cuisine to cater to the diverse taste buds of its customers. With its elegant ambiance and attentive service, it provides an enjoyable dining experience for individuals, families, and groups. The menu features a range of appetizers, main courses, and desserts, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Ala Rahi

Some of the popular dishes served at Ala Rahi Restaurant include Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kabab, Biryani, and Tandoori Naan. Overall, Ala Rahi Restaurant is a must-visit for food lovers seeking delicious food and a memorable dining experience in Karachi.

Ala Rahi Restaurant Karachi Menu and Price List


Menu Price
Sizzling Kebab from Rs 1295
Sizzling Mutton Shank Rs 1645
Ala Manti Rs 1145
Chicken Tepsi Kebab Rs 995
Ala Meze Platter Rs 1495
Mutton Tepsi Kebab Rs 1445
Tres Leches Caramel Cake Rs 695
Tres Leches Lotus Cake Rs 695
Delivery Box Rs 1495

Soups and Salads

Menu Price
Beef Yakhni Rs 195
A Creamy Mushroom Soup Rs 395
Taouk Shorba Rs 395
Ezme Salad Rs 595
Fattoush Salad Rs 695
Roasted Beef Salad Rs 895
Turkish Salad Rs 895

Hot Starters

Menu Price
Tauk Shorba Rs 395
Crispy Potato Balls 4 Pcs Rs 695
Grilled Wings Rs 995
Ala Rahi Wraps Rs 945
Chicken Cheese Strips Rs 1125
Crispy Prawn Rs 1095
Turkish Kebab Roll Rs 795
Fish And Chips Rs 1295

Chicken Menu

Menu Price
Chicken Dilshad (Serves 3-4) Rs 2495
Ala Rahi Chicken Boti Rs 1245
Brick Fried Chicken Rs 2895
Lebanese Chicken Rs 1295
Pasha Kebab Rs 1145
Sheesh Tauk Rs 1295
Turkish Kebab Rs 1095
Chicken Mantil Handi Rs 1795
Chicken Cheese Kebab Rs 1295
Charcoal Chicken Rs 1995

Ala Rahi Meat

Menu Price
Mutton Dilshad Rs 3695
Afghani Beef Boti Rs 1395
Afghani Mutton Chops Rs 1995
Foot-Long Kebab Rs 1175
Kuzu Pirzola Rs 2295
Laham Kebab Rs 1395
Namkeen Gosht Rs 2295
Lebanese Mutton Boti Rs 1695

Ala Rahi Specialties

Menu Price
Saif Ul Mishkak Rs 2495
Atish Laham Kaburga Rs 3395
Dajjaj Khubus Pilaf from Rs 1195
Ezme Chicken Rs 1645
Kebab Curry Rs 1695
Laham Pilaf Rs 3195
Mutton Shank from Rs 1395
Testi Kebab from Rs 2495
Turkish Cheese Koftey Rs 1695
Aazri Kebab Rs 2095
Taouk Pirzola Rs 1695
Mishkak Khubus Pilaf Rs 2695


Menu Price
Ala Tabaq Chicken Rs 14495
Ala Tabaq Mutton Rs 15495
Afghani Special Platter Rs 4195
Arabic Special Platter Rs 3145
Lebanese Special Platter Rs 3995
The Grand Ala Rahi Platter Rs 12995
Ala Sofra from Rs 6995

Steak and Bricks Oven

Menu Price
Turkish Kuzu Cheese Steak Rs 2295
Dana Ribs Rs 2695
Arabiattia Naan Rs 1145
Khubus Rs 20
Cheese Manakesh Rs 745
Dajjaj Manakesh Rs 795
Laham Manakesh Rs 995
Stuffed Cheese Manakesh Rs 745


Menu Price
Om Ali (Serves 2) Rs 695
Sultani Kheer Rs 675
Bakhlavah Rs 595
Basboosah Rs 595
Kunafa Rs 795
Mahalabi Rs 595
Date Truffle Rs 495
Trillec Rs 695


Menu Price
Pina Coloda Rs 425
Blue Colada Rs 395
Strawberry Mojito Rs 295
Mint Mojito Rs 295
Peach Surprise Rs 395
Red Punch Rs 395
Fruit Punch Rs 445
Wild Lady Rs 445
Apple Mint Lemonade Rs 475
Blue Lagoon. Rs 325
Green Apple Mojito Rs 395

Shakes and Beverages

Menu Price
Kitkat Shake Rs 495
Oreo Shake Rs 445
Vanilla Shake Rs 345
Oreo Coffee Shake Rs 475
Strawberry Smoothie Rs 345
Blueberry Smoothie Rs 345
Turkish Ayran Rs 345
Soft Drink Rs 120
Water from Rs 85
Cold Coffee Rs 445
Fresh Lime Rs 245
Mint Lemonade Rs 445

Ala Rahi Restaurant Karachi Address & Contact Information

Address: 19-C Lane 4, D.H.A Phase 6 Shahbaz Commercial Area Phase 6 Defence, Karachi.

Phone: 0317 2920065

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